Brescia Serie B Polyester Football Shirt Blue
Brescia Serie B Polyester Football Shirt Blue
Brescia Serie B Polyester Football Shirt Blue
Brescia Serie B Polyester Football Shirt Blue

2017/18 Brescia Short Sleeved Football Jersey | Size: L

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Brescia wore this wonderful Acerbis number in the 2017/18 in which they finished 17th in Serie B. This gorgeous effort is manufactured by Acerbis who have managed to create a classic featuring the iconic Brescia chest design whilst also incorporating smart, subtle details such as the ribbed cuffs and 'Nike-esque' ventilation panel.

Size wise it's a regular fit with no need to go up a size unlike other brands on the market.

Supplier: Acerbis
Year: 2017/18
Size: L
Condition: 9/10

Why choose CIRCA88|Football?


First and foremost Circa88 is ran by a bonafied football fanatic. Since I was a young boy I dreamed of designing shirts, I haven't reached that stage but this will do - for now!

I believe that price shouldn't impact the standard of the shirt received. I personally curate the inventory, ensure they're washed, snapped with any flaws described on the listing and finally sold at a fair price.

If I'm not happy with the item then the item simply doesn't make it onto the site.

Tom - Circa88| football


All shirts are bagged in bio-degradeable plastic wallets which minimise the harm to the environment.

Circa88| football also supports both Tondu Boots, FSFC & Andys Man Club who are all incredible charitbale organisations.

Being an independent football shirt retailer is special, but being a football shirt retailer using our platform for the power of good is even better.


The 'big boys' have created the market place and have done incredible things to bring football shirts back into the mainstream.

Due to being a small independent, the overheads are lower meaning the saving is past on to you. The same shirt on the larger site, from the same suppliers but for a lower price = winning!

This saving doesn't effect the passion or the conciousness aspect of the Circa88 ethos which is a double win!

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