We've made the decision to take a break until Spring 2023 (February/March time).

Behind the scenes of Circa88| football there's been a recent new arrival and also a move to a new city on the horizon. Over the past year the profile of the brand has increased far beyond what was anticipated and it's been a struggle to keep up with the high standards that undoubtedly caused this growth, as any business owner will tell you 'standards are everything' and I fear these will start to slip due to both maintaining a full-time job & the reasons outlined above.

Circa88| football was created to help overcome mental health issues that were difficult to shift. In the space of 4 years there's been a combined social reach of over 30k followers, international brand deals and the creation of the finest football themed pop up event in the UK - all this whilst shifting those issues.

Is this the end of Circa88?

No. The plan is to take a break, enjoy the downtime with family and plan thoroughly for 2023 and 'be back stronger' (apologies crouchy).

The long term dream is to become a fully fledged independent shirt store however for the foreseeable future family circumstances have to take precedent. It's amazing having a hobby that's turned into a profitable side hustle, it's even more amazing being present watching your children grow.

The socials will remain active, please don't hesitate to drop a DM if there's any questions.

See you in the spring!



Tom - Circa88

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