About Us

Welcome to the circa88| football store.

Based in the birthplace of football, Sheffield; Circa88 is an independent store with the sole aim of providing superb shirts at sensible prices. With the store operating out of one football obsessed bloke's man-cave, the overheads are far lower than 'the bigger fish' on the scene meaning our pricing is passed on to you.

Why choose Circa88?

  • Price: Lower overheads mean the savings are passed on to you guys. The shirts sourced are from the same suppliers as the 'bigger fish' meaning the quality on offer isn't compromised.
  • Passion: The shirt obsession started way back in 1995 after receiving a premier league 1995 sticker album with about 1000 Vinnie Samways stickers! Being a fan first & foremost, it's imperative that all shirts sold are in the condition that I'd want to receive one in. All shirts (unless BNWT) are individually checked, washed and reviewed before listing.
  • Conciousness: I'm proud to work with charities & sports clubs to 'give back' where possible. If using the Circa88 platforms benefits these organisations in both a monetary sense but also visibility then it's served a purpose. All shirts are also sent in bio-degradeable wallets meaning harm to the environment is minimal.
  • Independent: Support small, local businesses where possible - it'll give you an Agueroooooo feeling!

New stock is always arriving however in the meantime check out what's on offer. Why not drop us a follow on our social media accounts to keep up to date with the latest arrivals & shenanigans within the kitster 'kitster' world.

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