Don't worry, we're just making a couple of changes to the website and using the time to complete an overdue stock check.

We're going to trial monthly limited drops in an effort to a) provide more high quality items & b) to speed up the website loading speed.

Alongside the website, we'll be out and about trading at various pop-ups across the country and a monthly residence in Shoreditch, London.

Also, you may have seen plenty of promotion about an app called Whatnot. Download it, use our referral to claim a free tenner to spend on any stream - in a nutshell, it's a live auction platform which means you can see both the item and seller in real time. Catch Circa88 football on the platform 3x times featuring plenty of shirts at incredible prices.

In the meantime, the facility to sell or trade your shirt is still working and is being closely monitored.

If there's any questions please email us at